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Trackwell recently launched its Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC). Trackwell is providing FFA and WCPFC with a new customized VMS solution, in a hosted environment. The systems offer extensive monitoring and alerting options for the 3,000 vessels reporting actively to the systems, using various types of vessel units or Mobile Transceiver Units (MTUs) and communication service providers.  In addition, the FFA system receives and processes AIS data from about 2,500 vessels as complementary data to the official VMS data. This newest implementation allows both institutions and their respective member countries, participating territories, and cooperating non-members to monitor roughly 25 million square nautical miles in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean using the Trackwell VMS. The solution is hosted in Australia at the Amazon Web Services hosting center.

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Trackwell Vessel Monitoring System

A new generation with different needs

The newest feature of these new Trackwell systems is data and information sharing, based on regulations and agreements, allowing both FFA and WCPFC to share information and access to the system with their member countries. Furthermore, the system provides the option of tailoring the scope of information that is shared between the systems or individual countries, using an advanced data-sharing mechanism that is built upon the data-sharing rules of each organization. One such example is that the members of FFA can see all their flagged vessels wherever they are and foreign vessels within their own exclusive economic zone (EEZ). The member countries can also share access to each other’s EEZs if they are authorized to do so, thereby increasing the monitoring and alerting capabilities of both parties. This feature provides the users an overview of those parts of the Pacific Ocean that they are responsible for.

“The system suits our needs well, mainly because it is specially tailored to suit the needs of all these different member states that have unique requirements. This flexibility is one of the strengths of the Trackwell VMS.“  – Ramesh Chand, Manager Vessel Monitoring System at FFA.

A leading provider of vessel monitoring solutions

Trackwell has established itself among the leading companies in the field of Vessel Monitoring and Safety at Sea. Trackwell has worked closely with its customers including Fisheries Authorities, Coast Guards, and vessels owners to develop a unique solution that combines a Vessel Monitoring System and an Electronic Reporting System (ERS) for fishing authorities and fisheries, either as a cloud-based service or locally hosted. The Trackwell VMS complies with international fisheries regulations and allows fisheries authorities, coastguards, navies, and fishing companies to handle and monitor thousands of vessels every day, all around the world. During the last 20 years, Trackwell has worked with many of the leading countries and organizations, for example; Iceland the home market, Greece, Albania, Faroe Islands, NEAFC, NAFO, SEAFO, and now FFA and WCPFC monitoring the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.

“This contract is very important to Trackwell on two fronts. Firstly it gave Trackwell the opportunity to work with FFA and WCPFC and push the boundaries of our system and adapt it to the diverse environment of the Pacific Ocean. Secondly, we view this contract as an important step for Trackwell to further establish the company as a leading provider of vessel monitoring systems worldwide.”  – Kolbeinn Gunnarsson Director of Trackwell Maritime.

In all cases, Trackwell provides the entire software, technical support, maintenance, and user-level support. Trackwell’s service has become advanced, well-proven and robust, loaded with automatic processing and alerting functions. The system provides its users with an intuitive and efficient interface to its functionality.

About Trackwell

Trackwell has been developing Vessel Monitoring solutions in close collaboration with its customers and partners since 1996. Trackwell´s systems provide companies with the tools to manage their resources and track their vessels globally. Today over ten thousand vessels are handled via the Trackwell Vessel Monitoring System every day.

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