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Trackwell FiMS Electronic Reporting System

The ERS (Electronic Reporting System) is one of the software modules of Trackwell FiMS that can be fully integrated into the VMS environment or as a standalone product and has both a front end and back-end components. In most cases this module is integrated with the VMS module to allows users to compare ERS data with VMS data to find potential misreporting. The user can view received ERS reports co-located with the VMS reports stream, comparing vessel location at the time of reporting with respect to EEZ maps and fishing zones, triggering the necessary monitoring issues according to the users’ needs through the Monitoring Engine


The front-end component adds an additional user interface within the FiMS software that provides the user with access to all data messages received and sent by the system (catch messages, e-logbooks, sales reports, inspection reports, and others). The ERS users’ interface is thoroughly designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and where the user can filter, select and display according to all necessary criteria.

When related to catch messages, the system can build logbooks for each vessel´s fishing trip from the individual catch messages received (NAF setup) or entire logbook messages (FLUX setup).

Trackwell ERS handles all types of reports from electronic logbooks (COE, CAT/DCA, COX, TRA, POR, DEP, CON, etc.) and supports the currently most or all communications methods in use.

What can Trackwell ERS software do?

When implemented as a standalone system the Trackwell ERS still provides many of the functionalities of a basic VMS software module. Vessel positions displayed on the map interface are the ones declared in the fishing activity messages and therefore not real time positioning.

Graphic User Interface – GUI

The system is web-based application that provides an intuitive and easy to use user interface, accessible from both desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection and a standard web browser. The system’s intuitive Monitoring page organizes all issues and alerts delivering users a complete overview of all monitoring issues and operations making their work faster and efficient.

Vessel locations are presented on a state-of-the-art map application, supporting navigational maps on most standard formats. Additionally, the system can integrate weather and oceanographic forecast and information layers.  Among many features are easy to use vessel filtering, creation and handling of user defined maps, geo-fence editor to further customize their monitoring needs. 

Monitoring engine iconERS Monitoring Engine

The Vessel positions displayed on the map interface are the ones declared in the fishing activity messages and therefore not real time positioning. It also integrates information from fishing licenses databases, certificates of seaworthiness, and other relevant data available to the customer to better perform their monitoring and enforcement of fishing regulations.

Trackwell´s platform manages the entire database of ships and all their information. The Vessel registry page allows users to perform functions such as searching, listing and editing vessel information (name, position, last position, report history, course and speed, registrations, Fishing licences, authorisations and permissions etc). The system has a built-in vessel registry where new reporting vessels can be added and can also be automatically synchronized with an external national registry when needed.

Trackwell ERS receives, stores, displays and forwards fishing activity reports coming from the onboard electronic logbooks or external databases synchronised with the system. The platform allows users to configure any number of monitoring request with an advanced alert mechanism, which the system displays and prioritize as monitoring issues. Alerts can also be defined according to criteria regarding fishing activity reporting regulations, such as catch on entry (COE), catch on exit (COX) etc. which are essential for sustainable fisheries management and the protection of marine resources.

Fishing Licenses and permits can be integrated as part of the vessel registry information and synchronize with external databases. As an additional feature, authorized users can assign, change their status, suspend, or manage fishing licenses and permits according to their specific customization requirements.

Supporting Data iconReporting Tools 

The system allows for the generation of pre-defined reports that are easily accessible where authorized users can enter various filtering parameters to get the required report. Customized reports can also be added according to customers specifications. All reports can be exported to most common file formats such as Excel, PDF, and Word formats.

The ERS (Electronic Reporting System) software module can integrate additional domains of information other than fishing activity data (catch reports), for example, sales reports and inspection reports which are also required by regulation in many regions of the world. These additional data feeds are linked into the platform according to the client’s needs.

Data handling iconData Handling 

All user profiles are secured with a username/password with all industry standard security and accessed measures. The system has an advanced role-based access management system with standard roles such as admin, user, guest, or any number of specially designed roles. The system also keeps an audit log of all user activities within the system.

Trackwell ensures the highest levels of security and reliability. The company´s procedures for data security meet the stringent needs of governments and RFMOs.

  • 24/7/365 assistance
  • High-performance systems with an uptime of over 99.95%
  • Disaster recovery and backups protocols

Trackwell ERS software allows for shared usage, granting access only to subsets of information like in the case of the systems from Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) or multi state countries. To allow this, complex data governance mechanisms need to be added as a fully customized solution to the specific client.

The system can be set up to accommodate any size of fleet or amount of data.  Weather national, international, or small-scale fleets the Trackwell system can accommodate. There is no limit on the number of users.

 Data Exchange & Communications

The Trackwell ERS software supports the integration with Trackwell FLUX Engine for the distribution of fisheries-related data through the FLUX network. The FLUX Engine is a complementary back-end component that is offered as an additional service and can integrate both to Trackwell VMS and ERS software or to another existing FMC software.

The software supports connectivity and data export to external systems as needed.

The system is fully compatible with protocols and message formats required by the EU, the regional fisheries offices (e.g. NEAFC, NAFO, SEAFO, ICCAT and more) and in bilateral agreements commonly made between countries.
The software supports connectivity and data export to external systems as needed.

The software supports connectivity and data export to external systems as needed.

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