FLUX Communication Engine

Trackwell FLUX Communication Engine is a plug & play solution that implements the business layer modules for all FLUX domains

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What is FLUX?

FLUX (Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange) is the latest global standard for the exchange of fisheries-related information to support sustainable fisheries management and the fight against IUU fishing.

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Implementing the Flux standard is a highly complex process that is very time consuming and expensive. With Trackwell’s FLUX Engine our clients save up to 90% of time and resources when implementing each Flux

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Who is the FLUX engine for?

Anyone with VMS/ERS who is obliged or wishes to share information with other related stakeholders.

How does the Trackwell FLUX Communications Engine work?

The FLUX Engine integrates into the existing VMS/ERS, or Trackwell´s own software, for in-coming and out-going data. It implements the business rules for each domain and format module, according to the relevant Implementation documents, to create out-going- messages or interpret incoming messages. It performs the data validation against the business rules for all messages. Trackwell’s FLUX Engine connects to the existing Transport Layer of the FLUX node to transmit and receive data.

Our Experience

During the last 25 years Trackwell has established itself among the leading companies in the field of Vessel Monitoring working closely with its customers including the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC), Iceland, North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC), Malta and Australia, one of the leading fisheries nations who monitors fishing vessels within the third largest EEZ in the world.

Trackwell has been developing the implementation of the FLUX standard since its first release and has been at the forefront of the standard’s continuous development. As of now, Trackwell provides its FLUX services to its clients such as Malta and NEAFC with both EU and NEAFC implementation rules.


The Trackwell FLUX engine was partly funded by the Technology Development fund through the Icelandic Centre for Research.

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Trackwell FiMS is a state of the art software that provides powerful near real-time insights to sustainably manage and control fisheries activities.

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FiMS is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards, and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management, and fisheries control.

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