Introduction to Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange (FLUX)

The seafood industry across the globe stands at a worth of whopping $140 billion. That should explain the importance of fishing as an industry in the overall economy of the world.  However, buoyed by the sector’s growth, some of those involved in this activity have indulged in malpractices like overfishing Decades of overfishing have led […]

Big Data mining with Trackwell FiMS

Big data and big data mining

Table of Contents As the digital revolution continuously unleashes wave after wave of innovation, new advanced tools such as big data, smart data and Artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming industries. Fisheries are no exception as these technologies and big data, deliver new insights and improve the operational effectiveness of the fishing sector. The stakes are […]

Trackwell pushes forward on its FLUX implementations for clients

catching fish

As the global community pushes forward with its goals of achieving sustainable fisheries, the FLUX module (Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange) is the latest steppingstone towards that objective. The United Nations have stated their believe that the FLUX standard will contribute to the conservation and sustainability of oceans as part of the Sustainable Development Goal […]

Trackwell´s role in the fight against IUU fishing


The issue of Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and their harmful effects are hardly a new problem. Decades of overfishing has led to an imminent crisis in fish stocks around the world, where they are over-exploited and unsustainable. IUU fishing is a broad term that captures a wide variety of fishing activities, but one […]

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority chooses Trackwell VMS

Australia Exclusive Economic Zone

The Australian Fisheries Management Authority chooses Trackwell VMS The Icelandic tech company Trackwell recently won an open tender to provide Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) services for Commonwealth commercial fisheries, issued by the Commonwealth of Australia, operating as the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA).  AFMA has been using VMS technology to monitor fishing boats since 1993 and the new Trackwell solution […]

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Trackwell FiMS is a state of the art software that provides powerful near real-time insights to sustainably manage and control fisheries activities.

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FiMS is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards, and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management, and fisheries control.

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