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Trackwell‘s Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) has now been extended to support the FLUX connection for VMS and ERS (Electronic Reporting System) data. FLUX is a web service based communication protocol recently introduced by the European Union (EU) to replace the previous HTTPS based communications of messages between countries and organizations. FLUX (Fisheries Language for Universal Exchange) is the latest global standard for the exchange of fisheries-related information to support sustainable fisheries management and the fight against IUU fishing.


FLUX connection for VMS,  a state-of-the-art system

Trackwell‘s VMS is a state of the art vessel monitoring system which has an integrated module to handle catch and activity messages for fisheries management. It can receive data from all of the major vendors of vessel devices and providers of data, including shore based and satellite AIS. The system is preferably provided as a fully web based service, requiring no locally hosted infrastructure except Internet connected PC workstations, running standard browsers. Installation and commissioning is provided remotely, as well as support and maintenance, 24/7/365 days of the Year. Local support can be provided through partner companies, if required.



Trackwell FLUX Communication Engine is a plug & play solution

Trackwell has been involved with Vessel Monitoring Systems since 1997. Providing solutions in the field of monitoring and managing Extended Economy Zones (EEZ) is its primary focus. Through the years, the company has served a number of countries and organizations around the World. Implementing the Flux standard is a highly complex process that is very time consuming and expensive. With Trackwell’s FLUX Engine our clients save up to 90% of time and resources when implementing each Flux!

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Trackwell FiMS is a state of the art software that provides powerful near real-time insights to sustainably manage and control fisheries activities.

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FiMS is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards, and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management, and fisheries control.

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